In Amal Hayat we offer anonymous and free advice to young people and their relatives. We do this to help young people coming in and out of radicalization back to a better future. We guarantee 100 per cent. anonymity as the advice is complete independence of the authorities.

We help with support and guidance to either prevent or remedy the young’s need to be a part of radicalized environments. This applies both to Islamic environments as well as to other extremist environments. We also provide access to knowledge in the field, methods for self-supporting and support networks, if needed.

As a social advisory service, we have full understanding that, as relatives or as young, you can have questions about specific episodes and situations that you do not want to go to the authorities with.

Therefore, it is important to emphasize that all contact with Amal Hayat takes place 100%. anonymously. Our association operates solely on its own agenda and is thus independent of public authorities.

All inquiries are processed anonymously and all our employees have confidentiality.

how we help

Once we have contacted a young or a relative (parents, siblings, uncles, etc.) we offer a home visit so we can talk about the challenges of the young or the family. The advice and home visits are offered by professionals in Danish, Arabic or a third language.

Do you have questions, need help or would you like to talk to someone about your situation? All inquiries of welcome. You can contact us in the following ways:

  • Call our anonymous phone line on any weekday between kl. 18-20 on the phone number: +45 53 825 925
  • Write to our anonymous online chat here on our website in the bottom right corner of the screen
  • Send an email to our parent, Katina Ali Rasmussen, at